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03 5523 2966 or 03 5523 2001

Surgery Hours

Monday – Friday 8 am to 6 pm


144 Percy Street, Portland VIC 3305

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Our clinic is situated in Portland’s main street  opposite the BP fuel station.
Look for the blue picket fence. There is car parking behind the clinic.

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For a comprehensive services list please see Dental Services.



  • We are the only clinic that has latest technologies such as laser surgery, which is not available elsewhere in the Green Triangle Region.
  • We have sedation methods available to make dental treatment easier if you are anxious.
  • We have advanced dental techniques to provide treatment such as General Dental, Implants, Orthodontics and Cosmetic Procedures, without the need to travel to big city centers.
  • We do all aspects of implant treatment in house. We do the surgical placement of the implant, including bone grafting as needed, and also place the crowns. This means a saving and avoids out of town travel and accommodation costs. Dr. Adriano has post graduate qualifications in this area of dental care.
  • We have a cheaper alternative to conventional implants when bone loss is an issue. Small Diameter implants can be used to support crowns and stabilize loose dentures.
  • We have interest free payment plans available to make quality dentistry more affordable. Conditions apply.

Patient Care


  • We have a reputation of dealing promptly with patients in pain. We also provide emergency appointments daily.
  • Patients tell us that we are great at giving injections.
  • We enjoy the transformation of our anxious patients that become confident patients.
  • Living in a small town, our staff are friends inside and outside of work. This makes the practice a relaxed and friendly environment.



  • We are a well established family run dental clinic, with 3 highly skilled dentists, of which all have “their” own specialties and years of experience.
  • Our Young enthusiastic Oral Health Therapist, Jarryd, can meet patient’s hygiene requirements as well as treating patients under the age of 25 for many procedures.
  • Post graduate training in dental sciences and facility management is an important aspect of our operation. We want to be up to date with the latest trends. Not only for your benefit, but it also keeps us motivated.


Dentistry is a passion for us, not just a job



Thanks for visiting Portland Laser Dentistry & Orthodontics’ website today.

Our aim is to provide the widest range of dental services available in SW Victoria in one clinic. You can see the extensive list of services we offer.

Our modern facility boasts the latest technology available in many fields of dentistry. Our staff are experienced and highly trained. We have 3 dentists and some with specialist level training in several areas of care that are difficult to access outside the bigger cities. We also have Jarryd, our Oral Health Therapist on staff.

We aim to be available for dealing with problems in a prompt fashion. We keep daily emergency time slots open, so please call early. We offer extended hours outside normal business hours for your convenience.

New patients are welcome at our clinic. It is gratifying to see the family and friends of our existing patients being referred to us by satisfied patients. So if you have been referred by one of our existing patients, please let us know who it was, so that we can thank them.

We look forward to meeting you and attending to your dental needs.

Call us

03 5523 2966 or 03 5523 2001


Surgery Hours

Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm

Our clinic is situated in Portland’s main street – 144 Percy Street –  opposite the BP fuel station.

Google Map

Look for the blue picket fence. There is car parking behind the clinic.




Clinical Staff


Dr Adriano Nascimento

  • Graduated 1993 Federal University Ceara Brazil
  • Periodontics Degree 1996 Federal University Ceara Brazil
  • Prosthodontic Degree 2006 Brazilian Dental Association Ceara

Dr Karine Costa Lima

  • Graduated 2003 University of Fortaleza-Brazil
  • Orthodontic Degree 2005-2008: Ceara State University, Brazil
  • Advanced Orthodontic Post Graduation 2009-2010 Brazil

Dr Kym Stock

  • Graduated 1977 Adelaide University
  • Adelaide 1990-1991 Began GP orthodontic training
  • Portland 1992-1996 GP Orthodontic training & Pt. Fairy clinic
  • Portland 1996-2012 Percy St. Clinic. Implant and laser surgery training

Jarryd Clayden Zabik

  • Graduated 2014 University of Melbourne as Oral Health Therapist
  • Bachelor of Oral Health degree

Staff Members

All of our staff members are Qualified Dental Assistants.


Noelene Schack

  • Practice Manager
  • Qualified Dental Assistant

Kylie McKinna

  • Qualified Senior Dental Assistant

Caroline Francis

  • Qualified Dental Assistant
  • Front Office Co-Ordinator

Melanie Finnigan

  • Qualified Dental Assistant

Melissah Dunn

  • Qualified Dental Assistant
  • Front Office Co-Ordinator

Madeleine McKinna

  • Qualified Dental Assistant