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Cosmetic Dentistry

rosaThe desired outcome of cosmetic dentistry is clean , white, straight teeth that” fit “in your face. Having a great smile boosts self confidence and leads to improved success in social interactions and in business.

What spoils a smile?

  • Broken and discoloured teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Visible decay
  • Large visible fillings
  • Gummy smile
  • Gaps
  • Red bleeding gums

Solutions we can provide

  • Professional tooth cleaning
  • Professional tooth whitening (safe and effective)
  • Selective adhesive bonding to alter tooth shape and colour
  • Laser gum lift to resolve a gummy smile
  • A short course of orthodontics to align teeth using invisible brackets.
  • Tooth veneers
  • Natural coloured fillings and crowns
  • Dental implants to close gaps
  • Correction of gummy smiles using a combination of laser surgery and use of Botulinum toxin (the same medication used to remove wrinkles).

At PLDO we can provide an integrated solution, selecting therapies from the above list to suit the individual needs of each patient.


Dental Services

Actual patients

Actual patients


We have on site digital X-ray scanners and digital intra-oral X-ray devices to give instant condition reports, using only about 10% of the radiation of old technology film machines. During examinations we use intra –oral camera so the patient can see and understand the condition of their mouth.


Our Oral Health Therapist-Jarryd Zabik provides a regular cleaning service to control gum disease and maintain existing dental work to gain maximum useful service life. Home care is vital to success and we can assist with feedback on how efficiently home maintenance is being done, and provide tools to make it easier.

Gum Treatment

As the population ages many more people are retaining their own teeth, but some experience complicated gum disease issues that routine cleaning cannot control. With the use of laser technology many previously difficult cases can be brought back into control. On the few cases that we cannot avoid surgery, Dr. Adriano has a Post Graduate Degree in periodontal surgery in Brazil.


Dr Adriano has been performing implant surgery, gum surgery and oral surgeries for more than 10 years.
Dr Stock has been providing oral surgery service to Portland for many years. With regular surgical update courses he can perform many surgical procedures.
After proper assessment, some complex procedures are referred to Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.


We use the latest technology in root canal therapy, to make it quicker and more successful. The use of laser to disinfect the canal, gives an advantage in improved success rates.


We offer tooth coloured cosmetic filling materials. We provide simple, reliable dentistry at an affordable price.

Crowns, Bridges and Implants

Dentists love doing beautiful reconstruction of damaged teeth. Crowns are an art and science that we think offers the strongest solution for extensively damaged teeth. Done well by a talented dentist and skilled dental technician in an Australian Laboratory, the result can be so natural that you cannot detect it. Done at an overseas lab at a cheaper price they are usually disappointing in the long run.

We can provide makeovers for your smile.

We do the surgical insertion of implants in-house. We use Ankylos and Biohorizons implant systems, both world leaders in implant technology. We also use small diameter implants in cases with little bone or for denture stabilization. Dr Adriano is an experienced implant surgeon and has a post graduate course in Brazil for Prosthodontics.


We work closely with Peter Cooney Dental Prosthetist with our denture cases. We often collaborate in the planning and problem solving of difficult cases. Denture stabilization is becoming popular with local people now that it is becoming more affordable.


Dr Karine Costa Lima has a Post Graduate degree in Orthodontics from Brazil. Dr Karine has been treating children and adults for several years now. With Dr Karine’s caring nature, she has a genuine concern for what the patient wants.

Dr Stock has been providing full orthodontic treatment in Portland since 1990.

Orthodontics is a Passion for both Dr Karine and Dr Stock.

Tooth Wear & Sleep Therapy

The high stress modern lifestyle has led to a rapid rise in tooth wear issues. We can assist with appliances to minimize future wear as well as repair past damage. Sleep apnoea has been widely under diagnosed and many clinicians think that tooth grinding is associated with sleep issues. Suitable appliances can be made to improve sleep efficiency. A child that snores indicates a problem that should be addressed.

Headaches and Pain Relief

The muscle pain associated with tooth grinding and clenching is the major cause of headaches and face pain. Dr Adriano has successfully undertaken training in the use of Botulinum toxin (same medicine used to remove wrinkles) to relieve headache issues. The acute pain in the face can be relieved with the use of our Low Level healing Laser machine. This new technology is painless and effective in reducing surgery healing times by 50%. It works on the same principle as dry needling, minus the pain. Portland District Health has also recently installed the same machine Dr Stock has been using for 3 years.

Frequently Asked Questions


Trauma First Aid

Knocked out tooth

  • Find the tooth.
  • Only hold it by the crown, do not touch the root.
  • Carefully clean any debris form the root (wash with milk or saline or have the patient suck it clean).
  • Replace the tooth into the socket immediately the right way around.
  • Get the patient to close their teeth gently to hold it in position/or use aluminium foil adapted to the teeth.
  • If you can’t replace the tooth, either wrap it in Clingwrap or store under milk.
  • Call a dentist 0468 930 431
  • Arrange tetanus shot ASAP.

Broken tooth

  • Keep the remnant tooth piece
  • Call the dentist 0468 930 431
  • If any other head trauma, call the hospital immediately.

Temporary Crown has fallen off

  • Inform the dentist asap. If it won’t reliably stay in position when repositioned, do not sleep with it in place.

Bleeding Gums

  • This is the first sign of gum and bone disease. See your dentist. If acted upon quickly the infection can be easily controlled. The disease does not give any pain until the final stages, just before tooth loss. You will notice bad breath issues.

Orthodontic appliance is broken or lost

  • See your dentist without delay. To avoid unwanted tooth movement retainers should be replaced promptly. We can repair most fixed appliances (braces) promptly.

Broken tooth/ lost filling

  • Once a tooth has lost its seal it rapidly becomes infected by bacteria in the saliva. Depending on how close to the nerve the bacteria have invaded, the tooth will react with slight sensitivity to throbbing pain. To avoid a root canal therapy being needed, see your dentist promptly.


  • Most dental pain can be controlled with the use of Analgesics (pain killers). Antibiotics have no place in treating toothache, unless you have a spreading facial swelling.
  • The cause of the dental infection causing the pain needs to be attended to promptly. Call 0468 930 431 for help.

Comprehensive Dentistry?

Many dentists advertise that they provide comprehensive dentistry. They claim to be able to sort out complex cases and the patient ends up with a lovely smile.

Be aware that very few dentists have the expertise and experience in orthodontics, laser surgery, periodontics, implant surgery and restorations to be able to truly claim to provide comprehensive dentistry in house.

Always ask about the treatment alternatives, risks involved in treatment and the benefits to you before you decide. Australian dentists are not allowed to provide website testimonials about their treatment by law. Ask how many cases like yours has the dentist done. Perhaps you would like to talk to these previously treated patients?

The Cosmetic question?

Should dentists promote their skills in providing attractive smiles? Do patients need these treatments?

It is a well known fact that people with attractive smiles do better in social and business life. The aim of cosmetic dentistry is to idealize the colour and arrangement of teeth to suit your face. To achieve this the dentist has to assess if colour is the issue, or arrangement of the teeth is the issue or is it a combination? Once the cause is determined; can it be dealt with simply, or is a more complex solution needed?

Most people want to know what they will look like after the correction. This can be done with Photoshop type programs, but simulations can be inaccurate. A diagnostic wax up is slower to do but more accurate. A mock up can be temporarily placed onto you teeth to give you an idea of the end result.

Many patients want to have their smiles renovated. At Portland Laser Dentistry & Orthodontics we have the expertise and equipment to do gum lifts, orthodontic alignment, bonding and veneers, crowns, implants etc.

We will ask you once if you have any concerns about the appearance of your teeth. If the answer is “No” then that is the end of the discussion. We won’t push the issue.

What is an Oral Health Therapist?

Oral Health Therapists are dental professionals, who are dually qualified in Dental Therapy and Dental Hygiene. Oral Health Therapists can perform examinations and cleans on patients of all ages and can perform fillings on patients 25 years or younger, among other treatments.

Why don’t you refer all surgery cases, implant cases, root canal cases, orthodontic cases, gum disease cases, children’s dentistry cases to specialist dentists like other dentists do?

  1. We have the training and equipment to be able to tackle all, but the most demanding cases. We can do more than the average dentist, but we apply the question, “Would I treat my own child with this condition, or refer to a specialist”?
  2. It is expensive and inconvenient for patients to travel to see a specialist. This often influences people to extract teeth that could otherwise be saved.
  3. Our outcomes are good and patients have been satisfied over the last 35 years.

Rest assured that if your case looks tricky we will offer referral to a specialist that we trust.

Is finance available?

Our policy is that we expect payment on the day of service. We provide credit card facilities for Visa, Mastercard and American Express holders.

For extensive treatment plans we offer payment plans. Application forms are available at the front office desk.

I want my amalgam fillings removed. Do I need a holistic dentist in the city?

Much misinformation has been written about the safety aspects of dental amalgam. While we don’t routinely place amalgam fillings any more, we have to remove them on a regular basis. The safe way to do this is under copious water spray with rubber dam in place. This allows removal without the debris being ingested by either the patient or the staff. There is no scientific evidence that supports the benefits of various holistic methodologies used as adjunctive therapies. We are happy to work in conjunction with alternative therapists as long the methodology being prescribed will not harm the health and well being of the patient and staff.


For a comprehensive services list please see Dental Services.



  • We are the only clinic that has latest technologies such as laser surgery, which is not available elsewhere in the Green Triangle Region.
  • We have sedation methods available to make dental treatment easier if you are anxious.
  • We have advanced dental techniques to provide treatment such as General Dental, Implants, Orthodontics and Cosmetic Procedures, without the need to travel to big city centers.
  • We do all aspects of implant treatment in house. We do the surgical placement of the implant, including bone grafting as needed, and also place the crowns. This means a saving and avoids out of town travel and accommodation costs. Dr. Adriano has post graduate qualifications in this area of dental care.
  • We have a cheaper alternative to conventional implants when bone loss is an issue. Small Diameter implants can be used to support crowns and stabilize loose dentures.
  • We have interest free payment plans available to make quality dentistry more affordable. Conditions apply.

Patient Care


  • We have a reputation of dealing promptly with patients in pain. We also provide emergency appointments daily.
  • Patients tell us that we are great at giving injections.
  • We enjoy the transformation of our anxious patients that become confident patients.
  • Living in a small town, our staff are friends inside and outside of work. This makes the practice a relaxed and friendly environment.



  • We are a well established family run dental clinic, with 3 highly skilled dentists, of which all have “their” own specialties and years of experience.
  • Our Young enthusiastic Oral Health Therapist, Jarryd, can meet patient’s hygiene requirements as well as treating patients under the age of 25 for many procedures.
  • Post graduate training in dental sciences and facility management is an important aspect of our operation. We want to be up to date with the latest trends. Not only for your benefit, but it also keeps us motivated.


Dentistry is a passion for us, not just a job



Clinical Staff


Dr Adriano Nascimento

  • Graduated 1993 Federal University Ceara Brazil
  • Periodontics Degree 1996 Federal University Ceara Brazil
  • Prosthodontic Degree 2006 Brazilian Dental Association Ceara

Dr Karine Costa Lima

  • Graduated 2003 University of Fortaleza-Brazil
  • Orthodontic Degree 2005-2008: Ceara State University, Brazil
  • Advanced Orthodontic Post Graduation 2009-2010 Brazil

Dr Kym Stock

  • Graduated 1977 Adelaide University
  • Adelaide 1990-1991 Began GP orthodontic training
  • Portland 1992-1996 GP Orthodontic training & Pt. Fairy clinic
  • Portland 1996-2012 Percy St. Clinic. Implant and laser surgery training

Jarryd Clayden Zabik

  • Graduated 2014 University of Melbourne as Oral Health Therapist
  • Bachelor of Oral Health degree

Staff Members

All of our staff members are Qualified Dental Assistants.


Noelene Schack

  • Practice Manager
  • Qualified Dental Assistant

Kylie McKinna

  • Qualified Senior Dental Assistant

Caroline Francis

  • Qualified Dental Assistant
  • Front Office Co-Ordinator

Melanie Finnigan

  • Qualified Dental Assistant

Melissah Dunn

  • Qualified Dental Assistant
  • Front Office Co-Ordinator

Madeleine McKinna

  • Qualified Dental Assistant